Sunday, October 26, 2014

Harry Binwsanger on Ayn Rand

Harry Binswanger has always come across as a little cultish in  his praise of Ayn Rand.  Here is something from 2009.

I think there’s something that nobody here is getting: It’s not that Ayn Rand had three or four ideas, and the question is whether or not a given person understands them correctly. Ayn Rand wrote extensively, systematically on hundreds of topics in philosophy, and many in related fields. She developed, over a period decades, a rich, deep, multi-tiered philosophical structure.
If by "hundreds" we take to be a minimum of 300 and systematically we take to be around 10 pages, then we are talking about 3000 pages of writings.  I don't think Rand wrote that much pure philosophy at all.

The one area of philosophy which Rand treated in a systematic way was her theory of concepts.

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