Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ten Questions for Open Immigration Objectivists

According to open immigration Objectivists such as Craig Biddle, Harry Binswanger and Diana Hsieh, a person should be free to emigrate from country A to country B as long as he doesn't have a criminal record, an infectious disease, and isn't a terrorist or a terrorist sympathizer.

I have a few questions.

1. In the modern age it's easy for anyone to come to the US. You can hop on a plane and be here in 24 hours or less. If the US had open immigration, what would its population be in ten, twenty, thirty years?

2. What are the potential negative effects, if any, of what might be the largest population transfer in human history?

3. What would happen to wage rates in the US if tens of millions of low income workers arrive in a short period of time? Wouldn't it reduce the wage rates of US citizens, in particular low skilled workers?

4. There are countries such as Greece and Israel which border much more populous Islamic nations. Should they have open immigration? Will the world be a better place when Greece becomes "Greekistan" and Israel "Palestine"?

5. There are cities in Europe that are approaching 20% Islamic population. Has this been good for Europe? Would Europe be better if country after country eventually turned majority Islamic? Isn't this a distinct possibility given the low birth rate of the natives and the high birth rates of Moslems?

6. Is the creation of "no go" zones in major European cities related to immigration?

7. How should the US determine if a potential immigrant has a criminal record? Do Afghanistan and Pakistan keep good records? Are their officials in this area not subject to bribery?

8. How do we screen out potential terrorists? Assume someone from a pro-Taliban region of Pakistan wants to come to the US. Explain the process by which we determine if he is a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer.

9. California has become a one party leftist controlled state thanks to immigration. Wouldn't this happen to every other state if the US opened its southern border?

10. What would have prevented the Boston Massacre - restricting immigration or bombing Iran?

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Anonymous said...

These are declarations disguised as questions, so I will explain the statements they implicitly make. "I" in the list below refers to the original author of the questions.

1) Immigration is like a vacation. Almost anyone will gladly uproot their entire life to move to another country with a different language and culture.

2) When I can't prove a point with evidence, I like to sew fear and doubt with rhetorical questions.

3) I am ignorant of research showing that immigrants do not depress the wages of native workers.

4) Greece survived outright invasion by multiple empires over the centuries, but the Saracens will destroy it if given a second chance. Also, I hate Muslims.

5) The US was ruined in the 19th century by the immigration of Irish and Italian Papists, and the same will happen to Europe now. Also, I hate Muslims.

6) Same as 2.

7) The danger of criminals justifies locking out millions of non-criminal migrants from countries with stable justice systems.

8) Same as 7, but with more fear.

9) I am shocked that immigrants and their supporters would vote against a party that adopts blatantly xenophobic policies.

10) I really, really hate Muslims.