Saturday, June 24, 2006

Are Supporters of the ARI Open Minded?

Supporters of the Ayn Rand Institute ("ARIans") often claim that allegations of closed-mindedness are inaccurate. Here are the reasons that are given --

1. ARIans associate with the Ayn Rand Society.

2. ARIans publish in Reason Papers, which is broadly libertarian.

3. ARIans have publicly debated socialists and communists.

4. Peikoff criticized Gotthelf's book On Ayn Rand.

Some comments:

1. ARIans are correct about the ARS. I should note that this seems to be the only exception to the unwritten rule about associating with non-ARI Objectivists and people influenced by Rand.

2. True, although other than Tara Smith I'm not sure which ARIan has contributed to Reason Papers.

3. True, but that isn't the point.

4. True, but I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean. Has anyone said that Peikoff approves of everything that an ARIan has written?

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