Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ayn Rand, Marx and Capitalism

This is an excellent talk by Dr. David Gordon concerning Judaism and Capitalism. He notes that Marx believed that the essence of Capitalism was egoism. Since Marx's writings were available in Russian, it is possible that Rand got her similar idea about Capitalism from Marx, although she obviously inverted it, so to speak.

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Luke said...

Hi Neil,

I enjoyed the talk by Dr. Gordon and found it to be very interesting. I personally feel that Rand's philosophy was in part a reaction to the destructive capabilities of Marxism (though I could be wrong as I'm not the most polished on the subject of objectivism).

I also have another comment. I saw your article on Rebirth of Reason entitled "An Objectivist-Christian Dialogue" and I wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the read, though I am not an Objectivist (I'm a Catholic with a general interest in and open mind to philosophy).

Excuse me if this is an inappropriate place to leave this comment but I saw no other was of contact.

Btw, if you would ever like to engage in a friendly dialogue (not a debate or argument, nor me attempting to proselytize you, just two people trying to gain a better understanding of each others views), I would be more than willing to discuss philosophy with you. Though I am a Catholic, I do appreciate many of the tenets of Ayn Rand's philosophy and I am always looking to expand my understand of people and philosophies.

Thank you!

- Luke