Saturday, October 09, 2010

Leonard Peikoff Answers My Question On Immigration

I thank Dr. Peikoff for answering my question.


Herkimer said...

And, of course, the vision Mr. Peikoff lays out, in which a nation screens it immigrants for criminal or dubious associations, is exactly the system we have in place.

Further, Peikoff seems to be implying that, should New Zealand become Laizze Fair, it should declare war on Indonesia should too many Muslims start coming over the opened border to live and change the system. Well that could have been prevented is you'd had immigration control in the first place.

FreeZoneThetan said...

I had to brace myself to actually listen to Peikoff, as he is sort of the Apotheosis of everything that is wrong with modern Objectivism. Not to my surprise, I disagreed with him; for three principle reasons:
1) Immigration restrictions to prevent, say, welfare leeching are just making another intervention to 'fix' the problems of previous interventions. This is the road to socialism, as Ludwig von Mises amply demonstrated.

2) Immigration restrictions are just outright evil to begin with, as no one has any right to prevent you from moving about just because some organized crime racket will screw other people over if you do.

3) As an anarchist, I can not support the government doing anything, anywhere, at any time, for any reason, under any circumstances.