Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Walter Block's Reply to Peter Schwartz's Critique of Libertarianism

Walter Block's reply to Peter Schwartz's critique of libertarianism in on the web. I can't understand why Schwarz's piece is held in such high esteem by Objectivists.


Robert Campbell said...


Thank you for including a pointer to Walter Block's essay.

Robert Campbell

Andre Zantonavitch said...

I think it's immensely dishonest of Schwartz and ARI not to publish the real essay in that book of theirs. They report that the publically-available version is only a "brief summary" (or some such) of the actual article. They seem to be cowards who don't want anyone and everyone to have a chance to refute their probably poor thinking. Someone definitely needs to make a true copy of the essay available on the internet (or at least send it to me privately!).